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Admission Requirements to the Koret School of Veterinary Medicine

Admission Requirements for 2011-2012 Academic year

Applicants that meet the following requirements may apply to the Koret School of Veterinary Medicine by the 30/4/2011:

  1. A B.Sc. at a recognized university in Israel in one of the following fields: Agriculture (excluding: Agricultural Economics and Management, and Hotel, Food and Tourism Management), Life Sciences (excluding: Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering), Medicine, Dental Medicine, Pharmacy, Basic Medical Sciences, Medical Laboratory Sciences, Biotechnology, Pschycho-Biology, Marine Sciences, Biomedical Engineering. (registration may take place in the 3rd year of the B.Sc. with proof of completing the degree by the 15/9/2010 in order to start studying at the KSVM.
  2. The following courses were studied and completed with a minimum grade of 80%. Courses (minimum hours/courses): Biochemistry (84hrs), Biology (168hr), Chemistry (168hr), Microbiology (56hr),Immunology (28hr), Endocrinology (28hr), Mathematics (56hr), Statistics (42hr), Genetics (56hr), Physiology of Man/Animals (84hr) and Physics (84hr) .
  3. Psychometric exam with a grade of at least 600.
  4. Exemption in English.
  5. Exemption in Hebrew (students who matriculated abroad
  6. Israeli Citizenship.
  7. An up-to-date record of studies (including an overall average) must be submitted with the registration form: 7a: Students with a B.Sc. or M.Sc. in one of the above fields must submit a final record of studies of their degree/s. 7b: Students in their final year of studies towards a B.Sc. (and will complete their degree by the 15/9/11), need to submit a record of studies with the grades of 5 full semesters. The record of studies needs to include all the courses in the above list. Applicants need to be examined in all the courses that are registered in their record of studies for the fifth semester.

The Koret School of Veterinary Medicine places much importance on applicants having prior experience with companion and food animals before starting their studies. Applicants need to prove that they have had a month practical experience with companion and food animals according to the following division:
Companion Animal Clinic: 1 week (30 hours)
Equine Stables or with an Equine clinician: 1 week (30 hours)
Food Animals (poultry, bovine, ruminants, etc): 2 weeks (60 hours)
All forms relating to practical experience need to be submitted by the 30/4/2011.

Student Selection

The number of student-positions available at the Koret School are limited, therefore only applicants with the highest grades are accepted. The threshold changes from year to year, depending on the number of applicants and their grades. Applicants are listed according to their grades in the relevant fields (from highest average to the lowest). The average taken into account is as follows:

  1. Students that have not completed their B.Sc. degree will be listed according to the average of all their studies to date (5 semesters).
  2. B.Sc. - final grade of the degree
  3. B.Sc. and M.Sc. - students are evaluated as follows: 80% B.Sc. and 20% M.Sc.
  4. The KSVM will consider giving certain preference to candidates with a background in scientific research, animal husbandry, food hygiene, residents of peripheral areas, minority groups and/or representatives of underprivileged communities