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Researchers and Research Interests

Name Research Interests
Dr. Dan Ohad Diastolic dysfunction in feline cardiomyopathy; Congenital and inherited cardiac disease in the Dogue de Bordeaux breed; Physical diagnostics of acquired pulmonary hypertension; Ventricular arrhythmia in extra-cardiac disease.
Dr. Itamar Aroch Clinical hematology, clinical pathology, clinical toxicology (Vipera palaestinae envenomations), canine heatstroke, infectious diseases (rickettssial diseases), canine spirocercosis, calcium and magnesium homeostasis.
Prof. Gad Baneth Parasitology, infectious diseases, vector-borne zoonoses
Dr. Gila Kahila Bar-Gal Molecular evolution. Molecular ecology and ancient DNA studies. Biogeography, especially of mammals in Israel. Domestication. Zoonotic and emerging diseases. Conservation genetics of wildlife and population genetics.
Prof. Hylton Bark Infectious and zoonotic diseases of companion animals. Development of computer-assisted learning tutorials for veterinary students.
Dr. Bruchim Yaron Canine heat stroke, Disseminated intravascular coagulation, Respiratory, clinical toxicology, Gastric dilatation and volvolus.
Dr. Gottlieb Yuval Veterinary entomology and symbiotic control.
Symbiosis biology, focusing on the interactions between arthropod vectors and their natural microbiota.
The correlation between vector microbial fauna and vectoring efficiency.
Prof. Michael Gutnick Normal and pathological physiology of the vertebrate central nervous system. Cellular physiology of the cerebral cortex. Pathophysiology of epilepsy. Pathophysiology of the consequences of stroke.
Dr. Dank Gillian Small animal medical oncology
Prof. Shimon Harrus Small animal and human infectious diseases; rickettsial diseases; canine ehrlichiosis; anaplasmosis (Anaplasma platys); zoonotic diseases; vector-borne diseases; bartonellosis
Dr. Eran Lavy Clinical pharmacology. Development of controlled release dosage forms. Pharmacokinetics of drugs. Gastroenterology of companion animals. Pathogenesis, prophylaxis and treatment of spirocercosis (S. lupi).
Dr. Gila Abells Sutton Health measurement scales, clinical epidemiology. Evidence-based medicine and veterinary medical education. Colic, endotoxemia and pain assessment in horses. Neonatal diseases.
Dr. Dalit Sela-Donenfeld The chick embryo is a maim model to study embryonic development. The ability to manipulate genes, cellular processes as well as grafting of foreign cells within the embryo in vivo, makes this model organism excellent for studying basic scientific questions regarding embryonic development as well as more applicable goals in the field of poultry sciences.
Prof. Ron Ofri Veterinary and comparative ophthalmology. Electrophysiology of the retina, focusing on changes in retinal function induced by disease (glaucoma), aging and habitat. Comparative ocular physiology, focusing on comparative intraocular pressure dynamics, tear production and visual optics.
Dr. Fleidervish Ilya Neocortical circuit function in health and disease; physiology and biophysics of ionic channels; botulinum vaccines and cattle botulism; cardiac electrophysiology and arrhythmias.
Dr. Gila Zur Dermatology
Companion animal nutrition
Dr. Efrat Kelmer Small animal intensive care and emergency medicine
Dr. Gal Kelmer Equine surgery - soft tissue and orthopedics.
Lameness and orthopedics.
Dr. Sigal Yudelevitch Wound healing
Dr. Tal Raz The clinical management of reproduction in horses particularly, but also in other species, such as beef and dairy cattle, small ruminants, camelids, cervids, and small companion animals. His research interests include Embryo transfer, Superovulation, Reproductive Seasonality, Uterine diseases, Placenta, and Spermatology
Dr. Gilad Segev Nephrology, Urology, Blood Pressure
Prof. Ron Shahar Veterinary orthopedic biomechanics: theoretical models and laboratory experimentation, particularly joint function, disorders and the surgeries used to treat them. Basic bone biomechanics: structure and function, comparative whole-bone biomechanics, experimental basic clinical bone biomechanics, numerical (finite element) and theoretical modeling in bone biomechanics.
Dr. Amir Steinman Equine infectious diseases; clinical pharmacology; equine neurology; botulism
Dr. Shamir Merav Peripheral nerve regeneration; The role of inflammatory mediators in the pathogenesis of naturally occurring central nervous system diseases in dogs.
Prof. Nahum Shpigel Molecular microbiology and immunology, host-parasites interactions in microbial diseases.