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Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment,
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Ron Shahar, DVM, PhD

Dipl. ECVS, Associate Professor Veterinary Surgery, Koret School of Veterinary Medicine

Laboratory of bone biomechanics

Office Address:
P.O. Box 12, Rehovot 76100, Israel
Phone: (972)-3-9688555
Fax: (972)-3-9604079
Email Address:

Special interests

Basic bone mechanics and their relationship to its architecture. Bone biomechanics, experimental studies and numerical/analytical modeling.

Professional Experience and Qualifications

Diplomate, European college of Veterinary Surgery


Small animal surgery



The scope of my research is quite wide, but can be broadly described as investigating the relationship between bone structure and function. Examples include studying the effect of muscle forces on the morphology and architecture of developing bones in the mouse embryo, trying to determine the contribution of cancellous bone to the mechanical performance of the entire bone, trying to quantify the short-range order existing in the distribution of secondary osteons in the cortical bon of dogs and horses, studying the effect of osteoporosis on crack propagation in cortical bone (using as one of the models long bones of spayed bitches), and also various effects on the architecture and mechanical properties of fast growing broiler chicks.


International interests

My laboratory collaborates with several groups, including the Max Planck Institute - department of colloids and interfaces, Golm, Germany; Division of Biomaterials and Bioengineering, Dept. of Preventive and Restorative Dental Sciences, UCSF; Queen Mary, University of London


Membership in Scientific organizations

- European Society of Biomechanics
- American Society of Bone and Mineral Research
- European College of Veterinary Surgery
- European Society of Veterinary Orthopedics and Traumatology


Selected Recent Publications

Shahar,R, Milgram, J. (2006). Biomechanics of tibial plateau leveling of the canine cruciate-deficient stifle joint: a theoretical model. Vet Surg. 35: 144-149.

Joseph, R., Milgram, J., Zhan, K., Shahar, R (2006). In vitro study of the ilial anatomic landmarks for safe implant insertion in the first sacral vertebra of the intact canine sacroiliac joint. Vet Surg 35: 510-517, 2006.

Shani, Y., Yeshurun, Y. and Shahar, R. (2006). Arthrodesis of the tarsometatarsal joint, using type II ESF with Acrylic connecting bars in four dogs. Vet. Comp. Orthop. Traum. 19: 61-63.

Sharir, A., Milgram. J., and Shahar, R.. (2006). Structural and functional anatomy of the neck musculature of the dog (Canis familiaris). J. Anat. 208: 331-351.

Zaslanski, P., Shahar, R., Friesem, AA and Weiner, S. and (2006). Relations between shape, materials properties, and function in biological materials using laser speckle interferometry: In situ tooth deformation. Adv. Funct. Mater. 16: 1925-1936.

Shahar, R., Zaslanski, P., Barak, M, Friesem, A.A., Currey, J.D., and. Weiner, S. (2006). Anisotropic Poisson's ratio and compression modulus of cortical bone determined by speckle interferometry. J. Biomech. 40: 252-264. , Zaslanski, P., Shahar, R., Barak, M., Friesem, A.A., and. Weiner, S. (2006). Tooth and bone deformation: structure and material - properties by ESPI. Proc. SPIE 6341, 634109.

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Lev-Tov Chatach, N., Shahar, R., Weiner, S. (2008) Design Strategy of Minipig Molars Using Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry (ESPI): Comparison of Deformation under Load between the Tooth-Mandible Complex and the Isolated Tooth. Adv. Mater. 21: 413-417.

Krauss, S., Monsonego-Ornan, E., Zelzer, E., Fratzl, P., Shahar, R. (2008) Mechanical function of a complex three-dimensional suture joining the bony elements in the shell of the red-eared slider turtle. Adv. Mater 21: 407-411.

Benzioni, H., Shahar, R. Yudelevitch, S., Milgram, J. (2008) Bacterial infective arthritis of the coxofemoral joint in dogs with hip dysplasia. Vet. Comp. Orthop. Traum. 21: 262-6.

Barak, M.M., Weiner, S., Shahar, R. (2008) Importance of the Integrity of Trabecular Bone to the Relationship between Load and Deformation of Rat Femora: An Optical Metrology Study. J. Mater Chem. 18: 3855-64.

Reich, A., Sharir, A., Zelzer, E., Hacker, L., Monsonego-Ornan, E., Shahar, R. (2008) The effect of weight loading and subsequent unloading on the post-natal skeleton. Bone 43: 766-774.

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Barak, M.M., Currey, J.D., Weiner, S., Shahar, R. (2009) Are tensile and compressive Young’s moduli of compact bone different? J. Mech. Behavior Biomed. Mater. 2: 51-60.

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Barak, M.M., Geiger, S., Chattah, N., Shahar, R., Weiner, S. (2009). Enamel dictates whole tooth deformation: a finite element model study validated by an optical method. J. Struc. Biol. (in press) .




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